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    Facebook Live 25th July 2020

    Facebook Live 25th July 2020

    在下一场即将来临的“完美饰界,金彩生活”华语直播里。我们将为你准备多款时尚精巧的百搭挂饰。由多美自家品牌 Chomel 打造的916黄金Charm系列,每一件设计简约独特,充满个性特色,而且还含有不同的美好寓意。可根据个人的穿着风格及喜好自由搭配,展示自己的个性和心境,让你整体造型更加出彩,同时还可尽享搭配的乐趣!

    想不想知道我们会为大家推介什么款式的百搭挂饰及分享哪些福利好康呢?那就记得留守这个周六下午 1pm 的多美直播!

    Stay tuned for more Live Deals on Chomel 916 gold charm series in our upcoming FB Live (Mandarin session) this Saturday, 1pm.

    Our exclusive Live deals are effective till Tuesday, 28th July at 12 a.m. Enjoy RM50 rebate online using eTomei50 for the minimum purchase of RM1000 and above if you place your order by Saturday, 25th July at 12 am.  

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