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    Facebook Live 1st August 2020

    Facebook Live 1st August 2020



    喜欢我们直播的观众们也请你们动一动手指头,帮忙点个赞再将这好康分享出去给更多人知道。你们的支持是我们的动力,这周六下午 01.08.2020 1pm 更多的多美好康为你献上!

    Stay with us this Saturday 01.08.2020, 1pm for more exciting Live Deals on diamond white gold and even blue sapphire pieces in our upcoming FB Live (Mandarin session).

    Don’t forget to give us a thumb-up and share this out to your friends and family so that they can join us and enjoy these exclusive Live Deals, too. Stay tuned!

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