Gifts for Her

Tomei Yellow Gold Pendant 


Being minimalist is being delicate. It is about emphasizing the beauty of simple and basic shapes. This necklace may look simple, but the possibilities are endless with meaningful messages infused in them.

5D Gold, a 999 gold jewellery collection, significantly takes the gold crafting technology to the next level with the new perspective - scratch-proof, stain-resistant and highly durable. Its sparkling surface is smooth like mirror, creating modern and exquisite yellow tone.  

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Rouge Collection






Our new ROUGE Series exudes timeless sophistication and minimal style. It posses feminine beauty with modern adaptions of a classic- whimsical charm.

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White Gold Bracelet








Create a fairytale memory for your loved one. Promise they will treasure forever with this enchanted diamond bracelet.

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Diamond Heart Pendant







Pavé of Resplendently Striking Coeur de Jour Diamond Pendant symbolizes a love bond that is born out of true bliss and delight. This gorgeous pendant features 71 melee diamonds.

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Yellow Gold Ring






Tomei's Multipetaled Flower with the Golden Rays Yellow Gold Ring is a staple piece. Much like the women who wear them, they shine; they spark; they empower. 

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