Gifts for parents

Cool gifts for Dad

A perfect quientessential accessory for him

If you would like to go above and beyond the conventional gifts for dad, this Le Lumiere's Diamond Wallet is the perfect men's wallet to hold everything he needs.

A decent wallet is a man’s best friend. Besides its durability and utility, this hand-made billfold is also embossed with a Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Light™'s hearts & arrows perfect cut diamond, resembling the synergy of toughness and perfection.

The wallet comes with a jewellery loupe where you can use it to view the eight hearts pavilion and eight arrows from a table top position.

A fine writing instrument as gift

Gift your dad the Le Lumiere x Visconti Michelangelo Black Roller Diamond Pen as appreciation gift. Visconti is one of the top players in the luxury pen world market. Luxury is not given only by the price, but the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the piece.

This is definitely the practical gift that your dad will use it everyday.

Bring good luck to your dad

5 blessings in Chinese is 五福 (Wu Fu). In Chinese tradition, the five blessings are: health, wealth, long life, love of virtue and peaceful death accordingly. Generally, wufu symbolize the positive meaning. Gifting the "Five Blessings" coin means sending your blessing to another one, hope that they will get all the good luck and live in a happy life.

Appreciation gifts for mom

A sophisticated yet classic gift for mum

"Fu" symbolize fortune or good luck while waterlily symbolize peace, purity, pleasure and spiritual enlightenment. With this auspicious pendant, the luck has multiplied. That is all mom's and grandma's favourite!

Show your mum how much you love her and appreciate her

Whether it’s a special occasion, a Mother day or a birthday, jewelry is a lasting and valuable symbol of affection and appreciation. With this "Aura of Love", wherever she goes and whatever she does, she is the embodiment of beauty of everyone's eyes.

A classy accessory for her

Noah’s ark is a representative of God’ promise and how he supported people who remain obedient to him even when their beliefs are challenged.

With this gift, you can show her that you are still obedient and respect her. Adorn her ears with this sophiscated and classic butterfly earrings.