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TOMEI Prosperity Sailing of Wealth Rat Charm, Yellow Gold 916 (TM-YG0710P-EC)

TOMEI Prosperity Sailing of Wealth Rat Charm, Yellow Gold 916 (TM-YG0710P-EC)

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Metal Type: Yellow Gold 916
Metal Weight: 3.41g

Add a pinch of luck, dose of blessings and loads of wealth to your charm from Tomei Chomel collection!

This charm is designed in Chinese zodiac Rat holding a giant sycee with enormous blessing. In Chinese, “Rat” and “Count” contain the same syllable and tone. Thus, the “Rat” character is combined with another auspicious element Sycee to complement the Golden Rat Year. Rats are highly adaptable and relentless when trying to solve a problem, like how they find the way out of a maze.

In classical Feng Shui, Sycee, also known as “Yuanbao” or “Gold Ingots” are excellent symbols for attracting wealth, prosperity and success. These boat-shaped ingots existed as ancient Chinese currency owned by emperors and high-ranking officials. They continue to be displayed at homes, offices and shops even today during as a sign of good fortune.

Each Chomel charm presents a chic and ladylike way to wear your luck or ward off all forms of negativity, perfect for festive season and every day for the rest of the year. Delicate and elegant, they add some sweet style to your attire. This piece will also act as a reminder that something good is on its way.


这件招财元宝萌鼠串饰以中国传统吉祥老鼠作为设计并带有极大的祝福 - !“鼠”与“数”同音,寓意数不完,兴旺发达,串饰的金鼠开心地在大元宝里,寓意“鼠”来“宝”,招财又旺财。这件精心设计的产品以细腻的工艺赋予了传承之韵,展示了你对新的一年讨个好预兆的铭心。

在风水中,元宝(也称为“金锭”)是吸引财富,繁荣和成功的极好的象征。 这些船形锭子是皇帝和高级官员所拥有的古老中国货币。 即使在今天,它们仍继续在家庭,办公室和商店中出现,以招好运。在亚洲文化中,老鼠被视为企业财运的吉祥象征。老鼠在尝试解决问题时具有高度的适应能力和不懈的努力,犹如它们如何找到摆脱迷宫的道路。



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