Collection: GIA Certified Loose Diamonds

Stunning loose diamonds from Tomei for less! All of them are GIA certified diamonds so you know you are shopping online with clarity!

A loose diamond is where you buy a diamond separately and then have it mounted in a setting of your choice. You can decide and assess the quality of the diamond before it is mounted. Building your own ring gives you better price transparency. You can now have a diamond ring without making compromises on quality and budget!

GIA is an independent, nonprofit organization that conducts gem research, educates gem professionals and sets the standards for determining diamond quality.

GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. GIA examines our loose diamonds, assesses their qualities based on the 4Cs, and issues a certification for each of our loose diamond.

The loose diamond will be placed in a diamond casing and jewellery box for you. The GIA certificate and official receipt from Tomei will be enclosed in the parcel too. 




GIA是一家独立的非营利组织,从事宝石研究,教育宝石专业人士并制定确定钻石质量的标准。GIA报告代表了可靠性,一致性和完整性的最高标准。 GIA检查我们的裸钻,并根据4C评估其质量,并为每颗裸钻颁发证书。


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