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Tomei 翡翠三彩 Palace Grace Mixed Green Jade Necklace | Jade Grade A (JN-XX)

Tomei 翡翠三彩 Palace Grace Mixed Green Jade Necklace | Jade Grade A (JN-XX)

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Jade: Grade A

Bead Size: ±9-9.5mm

Length: ±45cm, ±50cm, ±54cm

The Palace Grace Mixed Green Jade Necklace reflects grace and energy, giving the highest presentment of charm and artistry. It contains 45-55 pieces of Grade A Jades, making up the total length of 45cm to 54cm. As jade is scarce and rare, each jade bracelet is unique and non-identical.

The mysterious green of the Palace Grace Mixed Green Jade Necklace symbolizes nature, growth, freshness and harmony. Anyone who loves this color might have the deep need to belong, to love and be loved, and to feel safe and secure.

Wearing jade beads in green represents a life attitude that pursues tranquility and nature. Green is said to increase the energy of wisdom and intuition, and at the same time can calm people's emotions. This incredibly stunning jade necklace portrays a unique sense of style, bound to leave an impression whenever you go.


多美宫廷系列现代情怀玉颈链采用深绿色色调,反映出优雅和活力,赋予魅力和艺术的最高表现。这件玉颈链包含45-55粒A级玉,总长度为 45cm至54cm。






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