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TOMEI Auspicious Quadruple Treasures Baby Anklet, Yellow Gold 916

TOMEI Auspicious Quadruple Treasures Baby Anklet, Yellow Gold 916

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Metal Type: Yellow Gold 916
Metal Weight: 2.34g(16cm), 2.39g(16.5cm), 2.40g(17cm)
Length: ??16cm, ??16.5cm, ??17cm. ?? 3.23mm Thickness


"Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!" The tinker sounds come from a happy babywearing this auspicious baby anklet. Featuring symbols of Ruyi, Bagua, Auspicious and a bell, the jingle of each symbol represents abundance, protection, good luck and happiness.

There is no better feeling in the world than seeing the face of your newborn and holding your little one in your arms. Even the simple joy of kissing and squishing their lovely little hands and tiny little toes are memorable.

There's a first time for everything and your baby's first year is bound to be full of firsts. Celebrate and capture your baby's first crawls with the Auspicious Quadruple Treasures Baby Anklet from Tomei, it is also one of the most common traditional gifts for newborn infants.

Making your precious little one extra adorable with this auspicious gold anklet for babies. Featuring a playful design with a charm bell and blessing symbols of Ruyi, Bagua and Auspicious. Ruyi, mimicking silvers of cloud and lingzhi, has emerged as a pure symbol of blessing and good fortune since dynasties ago. Bagua is believed to provide potent protection to babies, protect them from accidents and harm. The Auspicious symbol helps babies to accumulate blessings, gaining an abundance of happiness and luck.

Its charm bell also produces a pleasing sound on each step a baby takes. The jingling of the anklet bell is believed to ward off evil spirits, repel negative energy and bring babies blessings. The auspicious anklet is equipped with closures and clasps that are smooth and secure, making it a great option for a newborn. From first crawls to first steps, you can hear your little one at all times and make sure they are safe.

When the time comes, this meaningful piece will become a priceless heirloom as a treasured remembrance, passed down from generation to generation.


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