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    about | Le Lumiere

    Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Light™ is an innovative designer, developer and marketer with an enticing range of diamond products. Synonymous with royal class and unsurpassed elegance, Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Light™ is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and will bring a great new concept to the diamond-loving consumers in the branded diamond and jewelry market.

    Le Lumiere's flagship brand of Hearts & Arrows diamonds, Le Lumiere™ - Diamonds of Light, was developed to further strengthen consumers' awareness of the fascinating world of diamonds.

    Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Light™ emphasizes three conceptual ideas- the "Importance of Light", "Diamonds Are Like People" and "Perfection". The quality and uniqueness of our cut has created a new way of viewing diamonds and is having a positive effect on diamond purchasing behavior.

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