Terms and Conditions

Products Policy & Pricing Policy

1. We reserve the right at any time make changes to this site, including the prices, products and services offered on this site.

2. Although we do our best to ensure prices stated on this website are accurate, errors do occur from time to time. When a pricing error occurs, we will not be bound by the incorrect pricing stated, and reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your purchase.

3. As we only produce limited quantities of jewellery and bullion products, should the product be out of stock, we will refund your payment for such product within the next fourteen (14) days upon receipt of your order (as the case may be).

4. All product weight on the site are given in a range. However, we will state the accurate weight on your order receipt.

5. In addition to the terms and conditions stated herein, all other implied terms of online shop shall apply.  

6. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time, and such changes will be effective immediately upon being posted on the site.  

Shipping Policy

1. We offer standard shipping for all order(s) made on eTomei.com within Malaysia via Skynet.

2. We deliver order(s) to West Malaysia within 3 working days and East Malaysia within 5 working days if the ordered products are in stock. But during the MCO period, due to the limited ready stock available, some of the orders will be dispatched with some delays. We will inform you via email to suggest for an exchange or proceed with a refund if require.

3. If you wish to proceed with refund, we will email you to request for your banking details for refund purpose. The refund process will take 7-14 working days due to workforce reduction during this period of time.

4. In the event that an item is determined to be defective due to a manufacturing error, defective materials or the mishandling by our logistics partner, eTomei.com will bear the shipping cost and arrange for the courier service to pick up the defective or damaged item(s) in the original packaging and replaced with the new item.

5. If the purchased item(s) received is defective on arrival, customers should email to online@etomei.com with detailed pictures/videos (less than 1 MB) showing the defective area within 3 working days from date of receipt.

6. If the purchased item(s) received is not defective or damaged but for some reasons customers are not satisfied with the order, customer may exchange the purchased items with another product from eTomei.com at the same value.

7. The request to exchange must be sent to online@etomei.com within 3 working days from the date of receipt and exchange must be made at any Tomei outlet stores within Klang Valley within 7 working days from the date of receipt.

8. For customers that are located outside Klang Valley, they will be requested to bear two shipping charges - for the item(s) to be sent to our Headquarters and replaced item to be sent to customers.

9. Products must be in new and original condition with original receipt. The Company will not entertain any exchange request that have exceeded the exchange period as per the company’s policy.

10. eTomei.com reserves the right to refuse full refund or charge a restocking fee for any order(s) that doesn't comply with the above mentioned requirements.

Click and Collect Policy

1. The Click and Collect service is free of charge. By choosing Click and Collect, customer can select the pickup date and time and choose the specific Tomei outlet store they want to collect their order(s) from. During MCO period, only store pickup at our HQ is allowed.

2. Once payment has been approved, customers will be notified with details like date and time to collect their order(s) via email. Customers are advised to collect their orders on the selected pickup date and time to avoid disappointment or dissatisfaction.

3. If customers wish to change the pickup date or time, or switch from Click & Collect to Delivery, they must notify us via online@tomei.com 3 days before the deadline. For delivery, the shipping cost will be borne by the customer. Please note that a change of address can delay the delivery by 2-3 working days.

4. Customers can their collect order within 3 working days at any store within Klang Valley and within 14 working days at any store outside Klang Valley from 10am - 10pm. Additional waiting days are required if customers make the purchase on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

5. If customers are not able to pickup their order on the committed date, please email us at online@tomei.com to notify us the new pickup date and time 3 days before committed date.

6. When picking up orders, customers must present the order confirmation email and pickup notification email either in printed copy or from mobile device.

7. If the customers wish to designate another person to collect order(s), they notify us via online@tomei.com 3 days before the pickup date. The designated person must bring a copy of the order confirmation either in the printed copy or from mobile device. The retail staff has the right to conduct phone verification on the designated person.

8. Customers are advised to inspect the item(s) on the spot before they are asked to sign the “Pick Up Acknowledgement Form”. Once the form is signed, we will no longer accept any return or refund. Exchange is still allowed if the exchange request is made within 7 working days after the date of pickup.

9. Customers or customers' designated person are required to present their Identification Card (IC) to let the outlet staff make a photocopy and sign our “Pick Up Acknowledgement Form” as a proof of delivery acceptance of the order(s).

10. Sometimes, unforeseen situations that are beyond the our control can affect the time of delivery, for example, if customers drop by our store before receiving pickup confirmation email.

11. We will inspect every item(s) before dispatching to the selected retail store requested by the customer. In case the item(s) is damaged during transit, customers are advised not to accept the orders but notify the retail staff and online@tomei.com with the reason of rejection, preferably with photos as the proof.

Exchange Policy

1. Exchange must be made within 3 days from the date of parcel received. Item(s) must be in new and original condition with original receipt. The Company will not entertain any exchange request that have exceeded the exchange period as per the company’s policy.

2. Exchange is limited only to the same category of item(s). If the price of the exchanged item(s) is lower than the original item(s), the difference will not be refunded and the difference will be top up by the customer, should the price of exchanged item is higher than the original item(s).

3. Exchange are applicable only for normal yellow gold item(s), diamond item(s) and white gold item(s). All other item(s) including gold set with gems stone, semi-precious stone, jade, pearl, 999 gold gifts set, customized item(s), item(s) that have been sent for alteration and/or resizing are not allowed for exchange.

4. Exchanged item(s) upon the customers' request shall not be subjected to exchange policy thereon.

5. The exchange policy is applicable to online purchases made via www.eTomei.com in Malaysia only.

Trade-In Policy

1. Any online purchases for the following items made via www.eTomei.com can be traded-in at any TOMEI outlet store in Malaysia ONLY with original receipts presented at the counter:

    1.1 Gold Jewellery, Bullion & Coin
          - 375 (9K) Gold Jewellery
          - 585 (14K) Gold Jewellery
          - 750 (18K) Gold Jewellery
          - 916 (22K) Gold Jewellery
          - 999 (24K) Gold Jewellery
          - 999 (24K) Gold Bullion & Coin

    1.2 White Gold Jewellery
          - 375 (9K) White Gold Jewellery
          - 375 (9K) White Gold Jewellery with Diamond Set
          - 750 (18K) White Gold Jewellery & Platinum
          - 750 (18K) White Gold Jewellery with Diamond Set
          - Le Lumiere

2. Trade in of 999/916 gold item(s) sold by Tomei (not applicable for non 999/916 item(s)) shall be calculated at the prevailing rate less 25 % whereas 30% discount from the prevailing rate shall apply when the trade-in is in exchange for cash. This is applicable in Malaysia only.

3. Trade-in rate for diamond and yellow gold item(s) are at the sole discretion of TOMEI. Trade-in price for gold wafer and gold coin are subject to the current gold wafer/coin price as published by the company, trade-in rate at the sole discretion of TOMEI.

4. Weight of cubic zirconia and/or other stones wit be deducted from the item(s) during trade-in.